Positions Available

Post-Doctoral Fellows:

Although we have space for new postdoctoral fellows at this time, unfortunately, there is no funding in place for these positions. If you were able to secure your own funding, you would be most welcome to join us. If not, please check this site again in the coming months for new funding opportunities.

Graduate Students:

One graduate student position is available for the synthesis and study of light-harvesting complexes. The research will involve both organic and inorganic synthesis as well as the physical characterization of the ligands and complexes There will be an opportunity to collaborate with European laboratories in France and Italy.

One graduate student position is available for the synthesis and characterization of organic dendrimers for the development of novel liquid crystals. The research will involve organic synthesis and the application of state-of-the-art dendrimer synthesis techniques. The detailed study of the liquid crystals will be performed in conjunction with other laboratories.

One graduate student position is available in metallosupramolecular chemistry. The research involves both organic and inorganic synthesis. Newly developed metalloreceptors will be investigated as hosts for small biomolecules. Current collaborations on this project involve researchers in Paris, France.

Undergraduate Students:

Every Summer there are one or two positions available for undergraduate students who wish to gain some research experience. The topic of research will be related to those mentioned above.

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